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Our Club

Our club was founded in 1992, it started as a place for like minded people with an interest in full scale and model railways to meet and discuss their passion for railways....


This is still very much the case.

We have a diverse membership with a common interest in all things railway with our members personal preferences covering a wide range of eras and gauges.

We meet every Thursday from 7:30pm until 10pm for general discussions  other times can also be arranged for a less distractive modelling environment.

We have an N gauge and OO gauge test track running around our permanent room at the Shirehampton Public Hall, we cater for traditional Analogue Control (DC) as well as Digitial Command Control (DCC).

The club has an N Gauge Exhibiton Layout "Brimscombe" as well as members layouts which include a large TT Gauge Train Set "Tri-ang Central" .

A new OO Gauge layout is currently in the planning and development stage. As well as the refurbishment of other layouts.

John Yorke - Chairman

Andy Bird - Secretary 

Derrick Mortimer - Treasurer


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