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Tri-ang Central

Tri-ang Central was born when a friend gave John his old train set. The tracks were mounted on to several boards to mimic the classic table top feel of the 1960's. Many pieces of 1/101 scale bits were acquired from friends, Ebay, swap-meets and toy fairs to complete "the train set you always wanted as a child" and there is little wonder that Tri-ang Central has proved so popular on its few outings.

TT railways first appeared in America in the 1940s's and were introduced to Britain by Triang in 1957. At a scale of 3mm to the foot TT trains were three quarters of the size of the more established 00 scale so more railway could be fitted into a given space. This philosophy was also taken up by N gauge from the 1960's and proved so popular Triang ceased production in 1968. TT still remains popular in Europe and is represened by the 3mm Society in Britain

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