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Dent Station on the Midland Railway's Settle to Carlisle line, must be one of the most modelled stations on the British Railway Network. The station itself is one of the smaller stations on the line but still captures the true Midland style with a sturdy station building, up platform waiting room and limited goods facilities. The scenery is typical of the line, bleak and desolate with the station standing alone in the landscape some 3 miles from Dent.

Constuction is Peco Finescale track with Peco point motors and Ratio signals with buildings scratchbuilt 

Dent is 14 feet long by 8 feet wide using traditional DC control

The layout was built as an oval mainly to allow for running at home, the idea being that a train can be set running and then sit back with a cup of tea and watch as the train goes by.

The work of David Jenkinson was the inspiration for the layout. His book on the Settle and Carlisle was purchased and this added to the appreciation of the line with its tales of construction hardships and operation difficulties. Eventually space and time became available and planning could begin, only then is it that you realise that a small station in "real life" terms is still quite big as a model.

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