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Charlton Road South

Charlton Road South is a fictional station designed purely for the enjoyment of sitting in the garden, watching and listening to the sound of the DCC locomotives going by, be it a First Great Western HST or a Class 37 hauling an engineers train, anything and everything is possible to see here.


The main objective was for the layout to be removable due to the unpredictability of the British weather, for this reason Kato HO Unitrack was decided upon, as having experience with Kato's N Gauge Unitrack on a previous layout.

The 60 foot wide garden is the perfect size for running scale length trains in OO Gauge, something normally reserved for N Gauge modellers. 

The track is laid on deck boards, which are permanently left in place apart from two bridges, one joining a rockery to one of the purpose built ends for the return loop and the other crosses the garden steps.

The track is powered by the NCE PowerCab. During initial testing a controller was connected at a single point with a 1 Amp power supply, a sound fitted locomotive travelled round without any power or sound drop, This shows the quality of Kato's Unitrack products as we are relying on just the track connections for power continuity. 

Charlton Road South

Charlton Road South

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